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Dec 1, 2012 11:00pm PST
them up. five and a half inches of rain for santa rosa. nearly three for san francisco. more than two for both oabd oakland and concord. heavy rain tomorrow morning. it will be windy, with urban flooding and street flooding likely. flood warnings are in effect for both the napa river and the russian river. details on what happens after this round 3 coming up in a few minutes. >>> paul just showed us no place in the bay area is dry tonight. the peninsula and the santa cruz were some of the areas that saw plenty of rain. a lot of that wet weather. >> reporter: right now it's kind of light so it's kind of hard for the camera lens to capture the raindrops. take a look at this flooded parking lot. i'm standing in a foot deep of water right now. there's simply nowhere for the water to go, and all across the bay area, you'll see a lot of flooded streets and parking lots just like this one here. firefighters pumped water out of this flooded redwood city apartment complex. >> it was up to a foot deep before we got here. we were able to pump it out. >> reporter: they got the water out before it
Dec 9, 2012 11:00pm PST
established back in 1976. look at santa rosa, 14 degrees above average, 67 in san jose. this is the embarcardero, lot of clear skies. tomorrow we'll have the offshore flow continuing. tonight right now 40s and 50s across the board dipping down between the 30s and mid-40s across the central bay, 43 in mountain view and los altos and woodside. otherwise, sure, we have rain right now banging up against the pacific northwest trying to make tracks in the easterly direction towards billings, montana. that storm track has been diverted by this huge dome of high pressure contributing to an offshore flow, so everybody is under the abundance of sunshine, but watch carefully. futurecast tomorrow morning dense fog throughout the central valley and then watch what happens. nothing. the offshore flow continues through tuesday, but wait. here it comes. this is an area of low pressure providing us with rain showers overnight tuesday night, a very wet sloppy wednesday morning commute. you'll need that umbrella, on again off again throughout your wednesday and wait till you see that seven-day forecas
Dec 8, 2012 11:00pm PST
30's. santa rosa, there you have it right there, 37. upper 30's will be coming around napa and sonoma and glen allen. 30's also east of the bay. inland, low 40's across the santa clara valley. tonight the clouds are very slow to clear out. in fact, we'll have pockets of fog in the northern portion of our bay area, in the valleys, also in the delta. tomorrow, after the clouds clear, it will pan out to be a sunny, breezy and a warmer day. and then as ann was saying, we do have more rain in the midweek forecast. right now, there you have it, an area of low pressure well to the north of the bay area. and we do have prescription from seattle all the way to portland, it translates on over to snow around the cascades. otherwise, those clouds drifted into the northwestern section of the state today, we refer to that as a dirty ridge of high pressure. otherwise, that high moves closer to the state of california and results in sunny skies for 49er action, kickoff at 1:05. expect a game high of 64 as the 49ers play host to the miami dolphins. tomorrow, 60's at the beaches. not much of a s
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3